Lake Windermere

We have been busy over the last few weeks.

Keep it up Lake Windermere!

Chinese New Year

1st February 2022 is Chinese New Year. We held a cultural workshop to experience different new year activity.

We made dumplings and tried our own dumplings, we wrote Chinese calligraphy and did traditioanl papercutting.

Lake Windermere have been working hard recently.

A busy time!

Lake Windermere class have been very busy! Have a look below!

Keep it up Windermere!

Welcome to Lake Windermere class!

Windermere class have made a fantastic start to Year 5 and have been quite busy from the start.

For Art, we have practised our sketching skills using different types of pencils to create different effects. Finally, the class completed a special, spelling challenge outside by hunting for different questions around the playground.

Keep going Lake Windermere class!

Mr Heritage